The Hourglass® took its first wobbly steps in October 2006 with the idea to make 'ordinary' women feel sexy and good about themselves. It was born out of the frustration about the way women were presented in the main stream media and the sometimes devastating effect it had on women's self esteem as the brain child of Nicole Klein.
  From early photos of friends and family Nicole quickly moved on to being commissioned to work her pin up magic on ladies that have previously shied away from the prospect of having their picture taken.
  Since then hundreds (really!) of women, models and performers have stepped through Nicole's door at her home in Milton Keynes.
  The Hourglass® has moved from being the first of its kind, offering retro and burlesque make-overs and photo shoots, to being one of the leading names for retro pin up by a female photographer in the UK.
 Nicole's photos have been published in international pin up magazines like 'Bachelor Pad', 'Delicious Dolls' or 'Temptress' as well as in lifestyle magazines like 'Scarlet' or 'Milkcow' and pictures have been used in advertising for companies like 'Erotica', 'Creativity Backgrounds' and numerous lingerie companies like 'Joanna's Wardrobe',
'Fairy Goth Mother','Hepburn and Leigh' and 'What Katie did'


Born and raised in Germany, Nicole trained as a hair stylist, before moving on to become a make up artist in various theatre and musical productions.
In 2004 she moved permanently to the UK and became part of her partner John's company Life Form Ltd., creating props and sets for film and TV.
 Nicole has an ongoing love affair with all things vintage and retro, from clothes to cars.
 She has worked behind and in front of the camera for over twenty years, performed as a lead singer and burlesque performer in bands and under the name Nicole A Lure.

 In 2012 Nicole teamed up with Kristelle O'Chocolat, Willie Winkleman and her partner John to become publisher and editor of Tease and Cake, Vintage Inspired Pin up Magazine.

  Nicole firmly believes that all women are beautiful and is known for her talent to put her subjects very much at ease in front of her lens, so much so, that quite a few ladies have gone into pin up modelling after a day with Nicole!

Read an interview with Nicole about her work:
Nicole photographed by Kristelle O'Chocolat