Frequently Asked Questions


How much do you charge?
You can find all prices for shoots under 'Booking & Prices'
Where are you based?
I am in Bletchley, Milton Keynes. The studio is located in an extension to our house.
Will you provide the outfits?
I am afraid you will have to bring your own. I would have to have a huge amount of sizes and styles to provide all the girls that come here with different outfits and also...would you really like to share lingerie with other ladies you have never met?
If you book a shoot, I will provide you with some discounts for lingerie companies I work with, to help you, in case you would like to go shopping before the shoot.
How long does a shoot take?
We usually start mid-day and work as relaxed as possible. I don't charge by the hour and do not look at the clock when shooting, so the total time needed changes with every shoot, but if you need to know an average time I would say 4-5 hours.
How many outfits do I need to bring?
As many as you can carry, if you like, but somewhere between one and five is realistic.
What happens if I have to change my shoot date or cancel entirely?
If you need to change your date, let me know as soon as somehow possible. You can re-arrange the date until 7 days before your initial shoot date (I make exceptions for illness and genuine emergencies). If you cancel completely I will charge £50 cancellation fee or the full shoot amount if you cancel less than 7 days before your appointment!
I want to be a model. Can you help me?
That depends entirely on what you mean, when you say 'Can you help me?'
I can certainly help you start your portfolio, if you book in for a shoot with me. I don't mind giving you advice on styles, poses, hair, make-up etc. during our shoot, of course. But: I do not offer free shoots in any way!
I am not an agency and I can't help you getting work as a model. It is true that quite a few girls have started with an Hourglass shoot and used their pictures to advertise themselves successfully as models, but they did so on their own account.
If I pay for my pictures, do I own the copyright?
By law the copyright for photographs belongs to the photographer.
I will not sell the copyright to any photos I have taken, but I am happy to arrange agreements and am always open for discussion as to how the pictures can be used by you.